How do I get images to display to the full size of my TV screen?

All of your images need to be 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels in dimension in order to take up your entire screen. You will need to resize all of your images to be these specific dimensions which can be accomplished by using our “resizer” app. Above the upload button will be a link that will […]

What is the On-demand app?

Please note, not all accounts and devices are enabled to work with the On-Demand functionality. Our On-demand app was developed to work in harmony with DigitalB device. DigitalB On-Demand is a free and easy-to-use app that turns iPad or iPhone into a remote control for your DigitalB device. The app enhances the consumer experience with […]

What does “local playback” mean?

No internet? No problem. Our unique cloud-based platform streams your content right to your device, storing it directly onto your DigitalB device for local playback. This saves bandwidth as well as any interruption that may occur from streaming via unstable internet connectivity.  Whenever your content needs updating, simply edit your info on and our […]