Setup Instructions

Please first verify which version of DigitalB that you have. Then download the appropriate setup instructions. If you have the latest DigitalB, please view this Getting Started Guide. Current (November 2018) DigitalB Quick Start Guide – Download Here Legacy These DigitalB Devices are from 2017 and prior. DigitalB Media Stick Instructions – Download Here   […]

What type of network connection is needed?

You must be able to connect to your network via WiFi, or an ethernet cable. Recommended Internet speeds: 10Mb or greater (vary depending on internet sharing). NOTE: Web-based WiFi authentication, or guest WiFi networks are not supported. You may need to edit your firewall or router settings accordingly depending on your network configuration.

Don’t see anything on your TV?

Once you receive your device, use the power adapter to plug into a suitable outlet. Make sure that your DigitalB is turned on. Next, plug the device directly into your TVs HDMI port. Make sure that your TV’s input is on the correct HDMI location.

Where is my activation code?

Go to from any web browser and in the upper right corner locate the “Sign In” tab on the top right of the web page. Log into your account. Locate which device has the activation code that you need. The activation code is located under your image, labeled “Activation Number” and begins with the […]

Are a keyboard and mouse required for initial activation?

For current DigitalB users: No. Your device comes with a remote control and no keyboard is needed. For previous versions of DigitalB before 2018: Yes, a keyboard and mouse are required for initial activation. A small Bluetooth input device is included with your DigitalB package. You can use that for all stages of setup, or […]