The DigitalB hardware comes with a ONE (1) year warranty. The warranty is void and inapplicable if the product has be abused, damaged by accident or neglect or the result of being transported or stored incorrectly, or if the defect is due to DigitalB being repaired or tampered with. The limited warranty does not cover […]

HDMI Splitters

The use of an HDMI splitter will void your warranty. DigitalB is not responsible for damages caused by the use of splitters or other third party accessories that are not approved for use with DigitalB.

My remote isn’t working. What do I do?

Make sure that you have batteries properly oriented in the remote, and that they are charged. Make sure that your DigitalB is in clear line of sight view of your remote and that you are pointing the remote at the DigitalB, not the TV screen. If you have tried changing the batteries and are sure […]

I lost my remote. Now what?

If you need a new remote for your DigitalB, please open a support ticket from the user portal to initiate a replacement purchase. Or email support@digitalb.net directly.

What type of network connection is needed?

You must be able to connect to your network via WiFi, or an ethernet cable. Recommended Internet speeds: 10Mb or greater (vary depending on internet sharing). NOTE: Web-based WiFi authentication, or guest WiFi networks are not supported. You may need to edit your firewall or router settings accordingly depending on your network configuration.

How do I connect to WiFi?

When you are setting up your device you will be asked to choose between WiFi or LAN. If you choose WiFi, the device will automatically search for available networks. Choose your appropriate network, and remember that Web-based Wifi authentication or guest WiFi networks are NOT supported. If your WiFi network has a firewall, you will […]

Do I need to purchase a TV?

Yes you will need to purchase a screen, we do not provide the TV because we would rather give you the ability to buy a TV that matches your specific needs. Any full HD 1080p HDTV will work with DigitalB. To maximize the impact of your digital content, we suggest a TV class at least […]

What type of TV is recommended?

Any full HD 1080p HDTV will work with DigitalB. To maximize the impact of your digital content, we suggest a TV class at least 42″ or larger.

Are a keyboard and mouse required for initial activation?

For current DigitalB users: No. Your device comes with a remote control and no keyboard is needed. For previous versions of DigitalB before 2018: Yes, a keyboard and mouse are required for initial activation. A small Bluetooth input device is included with your DigitalB package. You can use that for all stages of setup, or […]